About us

About Better Wealth Management

Who we are and what we do

We are both a mortgage originator and specialty loan broker in non-bank lending for all types of borrowers seeking finance. The directors are industry professionals with a combined 90+ years experience.

The loan products we offer:

  1. Will assist you to purchase or refinance property in capital cities and major regional areas of Australia
  2. Are suitable for most types of borrowers requiring short-term loans up to 36-months
  3. Release equity from unencumbered residential and commercial property
  4. Include SMSF for both residential and commercial property
  5. Are suitable for retirees requiring short-term funds

Better Wealth Management Pty Ltd is an authorised Credit Representative of Platinum Residential Mortgages Pty Ltd ACL 393828.

How It Works

Talk to us first and save yourself unnecessary upfront commitment fees and extended approval times. First we assess, value and then commit to a formal offer.

Fast Decisions

Same day decisions ensures borrowers can proceed directly to valuation and loan settlement. We don’t use the banks…that means no red tape or lengthy wait times.


We are always transparent about the fees that apply to our loans, our interest rates, our process and time frames.

Seasoned team

Our management team is comprised of highly skilled professionals with an average of 70 years industry experience. This creates a culture of stability, trust, understanding and continuity that helps us to deliver superior results to our clients.

Superior Client Support

Our primary role is to assist new and existing clients from initial discussions to loan settlements. Managers answer all client inquiries, assist with in-house and online meetings and maintain contact with clients till discharge.

Meet the Management

Mike Astill

Mortgage Originator

Mike is a Director Of Better Wealth Management. Mike has over 40 years experience in the Finance Industry.

Mike’s mobile is 0488 300 500. Mike’s E-Mail address is mastill@bridgingfunds.com.au

Mark Ellacott

Mortgage Manager

Mark is a Director of Better Wealth Management. Mark first started in the Finance Industry in 1993 with his own Finance Brokerage.

Mark’s mobile is 0403 798 641. Mark’s E-Mail address is mellacott@bridgingfunds.com.au


If you’re looking for a short-term bridging loan lender that doesn’t look at your financials or credit history, we can immediately assist with 2 hour decisions!