Property Loans

Property Loans

We offer short-term and medium-term Bridging loans as well as long-term property loans for residential and commercial property

Our Bridging loans have a maximum term of 12-months.

All of our loans are suitable for borrowers seeking up to 80% of the property value

Loan interest rates vary depending on lvr, location and property type.

Acceptable residential property includes homes, apartments, villas, townhouses and vacant land.

Acceptable commercial property includes retail shopfronts, buildings and non-residential property.

Bridging Loan amounts do not exceed $1 Million on any single security property.

All applications require valuations, credit checks and approved security property.

Mortgages are 1st ranking.

If you’re looking for a short-term bridging loan lender that doesn’t look at your financials or credit history, we can immediately assist with 2 hour decisions!