Asset Protection

If you may be facing adverse financial times, now is the time to start protecting your assets


Working in conjunction with a Brisbane Law firm, we have developed a process which can legally protect the assets of someone who is facing bankruptcy.

We do not charge any initial consultation fees.

Our preparation:

  1. We meet with the Client(s) to ascertain their true position.
  2. We review any documentation that has been sent to (or served upon) the Client(s).
  3. We review the total overall Asset & Liability position.
  4. We then determine whether or not we can assist.
  5. If we feel that we can proceed, we prepare a fee schedule based on the complexity of the proposed arrangements, and present that Fee Schedule to the Client(s).
  6. If the Fee Schedule is accepted by the Client(s), we then proceed.
  7. If the Fee Schedule is not accepted by the Client(s), we close the file and the Client(s) are not obliged to pay anything for our evaluation of the situation.